Peyman Edalati

My studies and careers have allowed me to improve myself in many areas . My skills include interior design and 3D techniques (modeling, texturing, lighting and rendering), graphic design, web design , illustration and animation. I’m someone very fascinated about all design: Architecture, Draw, Music, Dance, anything about it. I’m open-minded and I love work in a team.


My Mastery : 3DsMax, Vray, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Muse, Flash, Corel Draw.




a person who plans the form, look, or workings of something before its being made or built, typically by drawing it in detail.

"he's a knowledgeable Interior designer"

synonyms: creator, planner, deviser, inventor, originator;



Born in Tehran-Iran and gaining a graphic design and illustration degree, I worked in business as well as a professional artist.

My studies and careers have allowed me to improve myself in many design areas . My skills include Interior Design, 3D Visualization, Graphic Design, Web Design and Illustration have the same inspiration.. Creativity !

I’m very fascinated about all design aspects and keen to learn more to create new productive designs.





3D Demonstration helps me to provide visual interpretation for the client to get a multi layered idea of my design concept.

Presenting design ideas with 3D techniques effectively engage the client with the design process and helps the project goes clearly and smoothly.



Creating design solutions that have a high visual impact.

My design have a huge variety of products and activities, such as websites, advertising, brands, books, magazines, posters, product packaging, exhibitions and displays,  and corporate identity,...



Create aesthetically attractive, functional and safe interior spaces to enhance the quality of work/ life and culture of the occupants.

Based on my technical skills and knowledge, design solutions are going to be executive and functional.



Finding creative design solutions for every projects based on budget, timing schedule and client goals.



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